About Us

Our office has plenty of know-how but zero suits and ties.

We’re unashamedly young, savvy, driven professionals. When it comes to running a successful accounting and business advisory firm, we know our stuff, delivering the goods for our clients every time.

Our team have vast experience, certifications, and master’s degrees. And while we’re very serious about our business and yours, we don’t think it requires wearing an ill-fitting suit and tie with a sombre demeanour to be good at what we do. We provide excellent business support and accounting services – and we have a good time doing it, priding ourselves on being our true genuine selves. You’ll find us extraordinarily approachable and often in the middle of a good laugh, so you’re pretty much guaranteed that fun and friendly people will welcome you at Ascend every time.


We believe in zero jargon with
honest answers.

We don’t believe in stuffy accounting terminology, so you’ll always be crystal clear on what we’re trying to say, and if you’re not, we’ll find a better way to explain it.

We always deliver on our promises, so you know you are getting expert advice with your best interests at heart – and while our expertise may be better than a Catalina wine mixer, we aren’t precious about sharing what we know. Instead, we work alongside you, imparting our broad knowledge of business, so you’re not only across your financials but understand the fundamentals behind what it takes to be successful for today and tomorrow.

We’re in it for the long haul. We’re not about the transaction; we’re about building long-term relationships and adding value to your business.

We make your business our business.

We love helping our clients achieve their goals and succeed in what they do.

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