Insure Hawke’s Bay – Rick Behague, Director and Financial Adviser


“Mike and Brooke’s business philosophy closely matches ours, and it made sense to engage a team of young professionals to help guide us through our business ownership career.”

You can be in the business of running a successful company and offering expert advice to a variety of clients daily. Still, you also need to know where your strengths lie and when to look for outside know-how, especially regarding everything that comes with business ownership and financial obligations.

Insure Hawke’s Bay Director and Financial Adviser Rick Behague is the first to admit where they fell short. “Tax is a mystery to us and Ascend has helped us to have a deeper understanding of the intricacies of how our shareholder current accounts work, our current tax obligations and to ensure we can easily fund any future obligations.”

But beyond education around the mysteries of taxation and governance, Brooke and Mike have helped keep the Insure team on track with a solid business plan and achievable goals, imparting their extensive knowledge and experience of working alongside other successful companies. Rick points out that as well as keeping everyone accountable, “this information can help us make logical decisions and be aware of possible issues”.

What’s the Ascend difference? “They just get us”, Rick explains, “ and they deliver their advice in simple, easy-to-understand language, and their customer service is excellent.” Of course, being approachable and available, only ever a phone call or email away, is also a plus.

Having a trusted business partner on board has provided Rick and the Insure Hawke’s Bay team the systems and confidence to concentrate on growing their business while looking forward to a stronger financial position in years to come.

"Trust Ascend. They’ll get to know your business and give excellent advice and service"

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